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Please fill out the form below to request photographic services. Once the request has been received, you will receive a confirmation email and our staff will review your request. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like an estimate, please contact the department at (352) 392-9092.
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  • UF Photography Contract

    The University of Florida Photography Department maintains the rights to all images taken by the department. This includes rights to use them for department advertising, web use, stock gallery use and sales. Please see our price guide for rights purchasing packages. Images that are taken for the client may not be shared in any way, shape or form by the client with others on or off campus, as they are copyrighted to the UF Photography Department and the purchasing client only. If you are being pressured to share images you have purchased, please advise those persons to contact our department for access to those images. Once the assignment is completed, please allow three to five days turnaround time to receive your images. Please keep this in mind when you have pending deadlines. It is kindly requested that you submit this form at least one week prior to the assignment. We understand that emergency deadlines happen and we are willing to accommodate, however there may be an additional rush fee. Your image will be sent via campus mail, unless requested otherwise, and will arrive on a CD or DVD. The UF Photography Department reserves the right to use all images in its stock files. We will not release images taken for your assignment to other sources until after your publication/project is complete. If we are to use them for internal departmental promotions/display before your project is completed we will contact you first for permission. We require that at least TWO copies of the printed publication (poster, brochure, booklet, etc.) be mailed to our department attention Ray Carson, 141 Stadium West, P.O. Box 115100, The University of Florida, UF Photography Department, Gainesville, Florida 32611. These copies must be received no later than one month after your estimated publication date listed above. If there are publication delays, please notify the department of any new publication dates. Please click the YES checkbox below to agree to all terms of the contract.