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Usage Conditions

  1. The copyright symbol must be retained with every use.
  2. The images may not be sold or used in advertising, promotion, sale, or endorsement of commercial products or services. They may not be used in association with any commercial activity.
  3. No use other than by the university community or the news media described here is permissible unless approved by the UF Photography department prior to print or electronic publication. Prohibited uses include use on magazine covers, book covers, newsletter covers, Web site home pages, CD or DVD jewel case covers, or directly on CDs, DVDs, or on other forms of media.
  4. Images may not be manipulated or changed other than basic cropping without prior approval. The images may not be used in any manner, on Web pages or otherwise, in a way that would disparage the University. The University may revoke your permission to use these images at any time and for any reason. If an image or photograph depicts or relates to identifiable persons or entities, you may not use it in a manner which suggests their association with or endorsement of any product, service, opinion or cause. The University of Florida is not responsible or liable to you for any damages resulting from your use of the images and photographs.

For any questions regarding image use, please contact UF Photography at (352) 392-9092 or

View Stock Photo Gallery | Free Stock Photos